Notes of Cedar

  • The Ethos Behind Cedar Apothecary

    Cedar Apothecary is dedicated to exploring natural skincare, candle making and home fragrances. Here we look at  just a few ways that taking part in a workshop can be beneficial to your wellbeing, helping you curate your own self-care.
  • Why is rapeseed and coconut wax the perfect blend for candles?

    As an independent brand and a one woman show, I’m always trying to educate myself on how to improve and deliver a better product. This is especiall...
  • Buy Less, Buy Better, Buy Handmade

    A rundown of some of my top artisan makers in the North West which are helping to keep craft and a traditional way of working alive .

  • Cedar supporting Coppa’ Feel

    Hello! I’m really pleased to announce that I have begun a new partnership with CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer awareness charity based in London. Copp...
  • Conversations to slow and soothe

    In conversation with Liddy Scarlet, a Manchester based Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Educator and Writer. We talk about all things nourishing, seasonal and Cedar Lifestyle. 


    Today I want to highlight three simple ways for you to introduce essential oils to your daily routine. I’ve written about the properties a...
  • Ambience meets aromatherapy

    The essential benefits of air diffusers A few years ago now I bought my first air diffuser, and it was a real revelation. I’d owned traditional ree...

    It’s understandably easy to get confused between essential and fragrance oils. I mean, they’re oils. They smell amazing. What’s the difference? Well, quite a lot as it turns out! For this reason, I thought it might be interesting to unpack the differences between the two. I’ll look at the pros and cons of essential oils and fragrance oils, and shed some light on why I personally enjoy working with essential oils so much.