Cedar Candle Care

In order to make the most of your Cedar candle, remember to:

Take your time

Allow your candle to burn right to the edges of its container. This way it will melt cleanly all the way through. Maximum recommended burn time is three to four hours, and please remember never to leave your candle unattended.

Trim your wick

In order to avoid a large and unwieldy flame, trim your wick to approximately 5mm and try to remove any black bits from the wax. You can do this cleanly using wick trimmers, or simply use your fingers.

Re-use and Recycle

Once your candle has finished, scrape out any remaining wax from the container then wash it with hot, soapy water. All Cedar containers can be re-used. They make lovely decorative holders for tealights, practical and stylish containers for the home and can even be used as a unique pot for any house plant in need of a home.