Ambience meets aromatherapy

The essential benefits of air diffusers

A few years ago now I bought my first air diffuser, and it was a real revelation. I’d owned traditional reed diffusers in the past but found that I consistently forgot about them as soon as the scent faded. They ended up as faintly retro ornaments, rarely refilled, gathering dust on the windowsill. Beyond that I’d used oil burners, which I still love and offer through Cedar, but I guess I was looking for something different, a way to affect a living space that felt fresh and contemporary, rather than imbued with the cosiness of a traditional oil burner.
This could have had something to do with buying my first house – new starts and all that. Whatever the reason, as soon as I switched my new diffuser on and that lovely mist filled the room, I knew I’d found the product for me. I was instantly connected to the relaxing lavender blend I’d used. It really lifted my spirits and helped allay the creeping anxiety that was an ever present cloud in my life back then as a secondary school geography teacher, a job that, as far I was concerned, really should have featured stress as part of the job spec.
That first diffuser was a garish, ceramic thing that looked like a cast of a saggy boob. Really, it did. And the water could splutter onto the sideboard every now and again. However, the principles between that model and any other are the same. An air diffuser uses electricity rather than a flame. It has an internal water tank to which you add, yes, water, and a couple of drops of an essential oils blend. Either your own if you enjoy experimenting yourself, or a blend. The diffuser’s motor then works its ultrasonic magic on the water, creating a scented mist that funnels out, filling any space with therapeutic, goodness.
Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve invested in an exclusive ceramic air diffuser for Cedar. It’s not just a diffuser; it’s a mood lamp, and I’m quite ridiculously pleased with how it’s turned out. It has a subtle, minimalist design that looks nothing like a ceramic boob, it has dimmer and diffusion settings and a nifty cap fitted inside so it never splutters. It’s even encouraged me to get my experimenting cap on, formulating a Core Collection of essential oil blends to pair it with. The blends are also available individually, and they’re great in a hot bath, I can confirm. 
The Cedar Diffuser featured in Elle Décor this year, which might be partly why it’s proven to be a such a favourite with customers this Christmas. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one, or even to yourself (I’m not judging), that brings wellbeing, peace and tranquillity to your home.
Thanks for reading.