Cedar supporting Coppa’ Feel


I’m really pleased to announce that I have begun a new partnership with CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer awareness charity based in London. CoppaFeel! promote the early detection of breast cancer, encouraging men and women of all ages to regularly check their breasts. This is an issue that is quite literally close to my heart following my own breast cancer diagnosis earlier this summer.

For anyone who doesn’t know how this, shall we say, intense, time in my life has played out, my story began in January 2021, when I visited my GP to have a lump checked. I was 30, fit and healthy, genuinely in good shape following a lockdown health kick. My doctor informed me that everything was fine - the lump was more than likely breast tissue. I asked if they were sure. They said yes, that I could have a scan if I really wanted one. Having heard what I wanted to hear, I thought I’d save the NHS some pennies. I strolled out of that surgery and went back to my life.

Over the next few months the lump quietly got bigger. I wasn’t sure if it had at first. It was developing inside me, if that makes sense, so it was hard to gauge, and I suppose I went into denial. I was scared. I reminded myself that I was young; it was more than likely nothing. Breast cancer happened to older women, other people. Not me. Then there was the doctor. It was probably breast tissue, they’d said. I went over and over it, convincing myself that, if anything, it was just a cyst. There I was at 30, praying for a boob cyst. 

Anyway, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in June 2022.  I had a mastectomy the following month then went through egg preservation treatment ahead of chemo (shout out to all you ladies who’ve gone through that as part of IVF. My word!), and I’m nearly halfway through the chemo ‘therapy’, which really is as fun as everyone who’s had it says. I’ve also had an injection called Zoladex which has plunged me into a temporary menopause – hello hot flushes – and after chemo fucks off, I’ll be looking at a course of radiotherapy and maybe another operation, but fingers crossed I won’t be going under the knife again. Finally I’ll be going on oestrogen suppressing medication for at least five years. Yep. It’s been a lot.

I’m being so open about all this because I want to give a complete a picture as to why CoppaFeel! are such an important organisation. I also want highlight why I’m going to be supporting this charity however I can. My cancer isn’t aggressive. That tumour had just gotten pretty big, let me tell you, and making sure it doesn’t come back has had dramatic repercussions on my life. Neither you nor your doctor can be 100% sure what’s going on in your body until you have that all-important scan. So please get familiar with your boobs. Have some fun with it if you like… Coppa’ feel! Do not ignore changes, no matter how small, because early detection really does give us the best possible chance of surviving cancer.


The lowdown

If you’re still reading after all that, thank you! Here’s how the fundraising works. A small proportion of every Cedar sale will be donated to CoppaFeel! I’ll also be hosting sample sales and auctions for my essential oils candle making workshops. I’ll try to keep you updated on how much I (we) are able to raise via Instagram, this blog and Cedar newsletters. You’ll also find a CoppaFeel! card in every order, reminding you to check your breasts. Make sure you do it too! Give em’ a good feel for me.