The Ethos Behind Cedar Apothecary

Create your own wellbeing

I have recently launched Cedar Apothecary which is dedicated to exploring natural skincare, candle making and fragrance. Through practical, personalised workshops we’ll explore the therapeutic properties of essential oils and botanic ingredients, creating our own organic beauty and scented products. Here’s just a few ways that taking part in a workshop can be beneficial to your wellbeing, helping you curate your own self-care.                                                                                                               
RELAXING & THERAPEUTIC                                                                                         
Cedar Apothecary workshops are peaceful and enriching. The idea is to create a space where we can escape the stresses of daily life and pick up new skills. You’ll discover the rejuvenating qualities of natural ingredients; how essential oils have their own bespoke benefits. Experience gradual immersion in soothing aromas as we create our own home fragrances and skincare products.                                           
The Apothecary is inspired by the transformative power of discovery. The workshops encourage you to explore your artistic side ­— to experiment, create and express yourself. Working with essential oils to tailor a fragrance, crafting an organic skincare product; these things take care and imagination. You might awaken a dormant talent or ignite a new interest. You might simply have a fun evening where you try new ideas, learn and play.                                                           
Apothecary workshops are warm, open group activities where you’ll feel welcome whether you’re on your own or with friends. They’re ideal for special occasions, casual meet-ups or even team building. You’ll meet likeminded individuals who share an interest in natural wellbeing. You can collaborate on blends and inspirations, have a meaningful conversation or a just chat. We’re only human; we’re social creatures. We thrive on companionship, laughter and interaction.               
Taking time to participate in an Apothecary workshop is taking time for yourself. Our sessions will empower you with an understanding of natural ingredients, skincare and fragrances, and how they can meet your personal needs — knowledge you’ll take with you after you leave. It’s my hope that you’ll develop a wellbeing practice of your own after a session. You’ll make your own products, discover ways to prioritise your mental and physical wellbeing on your terms.                           
Where can you find us?
Cedar Apothecary now has a permanent workshop space located in the heart of Northern Quarter, Manchester.  Additionally, we host workshops at various venues across the Northwest and occasionally further afield. You can find upcoming workshops here.  I also offer corporate workshops and accept private group bookings. If you have a special occasion or celebration in mind, email me at                                                                                           
candle making workshop space. Brick wall in the back ground and a table laid out with flower and 6 trays with candle making equipment