Conversations to slow and soothe

In conversation with Liddy Scarlet, a Manchester based Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Educator and Writer. We talk about all things nourishing, seasonal and Cedar Lifestyle. 


Tell us about your journey so far.

I’ve been practicing the ancient arts of Yoga & Meditation since my early 20’s after moving to Northern Thailand. Many years of personal exploration later and a whole lot of ‘flip flopping’ back and forth from the UK to Asia, I am settled in Manchester, where I share what I've learnt along the way. 

Driven by a love of the wild, I'm passionate about eco-practices and sacred activism. Great lover of the written word, grand adventures and being a part-time mermaid. Life has been, and continues to be, an exploration of finding peace within and connection to my environment without. 

What practices are nourishing you currently? 

Tis’ the season for all things green and sprouting! I am tending to my garden by therapeutically digging out weeds and planting seeds (which is a perfect analogy for my inner work right now). Early morning herbal teas to accompany my morning pages. I find my mind is the clearest and most expressive first thing, so I often use this time to journal. And, as always, I am nourished by the quiet and introspective practices of yoga and meditation. 

Summer or Winter living? 

Summer baby forever! I fall in love with the seasonal psychedelic explosion of nature every Spring. I love to nurture my inner child with outdoor play, I adore the long evenings, bare skin and the collective smiles that summer elicits. Each season brings with it lessons and opportunities to find balance. 

Self-care fiasco? 

A homemade turmeric face mask moments before leaving to go to work…

How do you bring more balance into your home? 

Home is a haven for me. I’m a highly sensitive person and can easily feel overwhelmed in the city. When I come home I light a candle or put the diffuser on and spend a few minutes in silence as I return to my centre. Carve out a specific space in your home to meditate, journal and breathe. The moment I step into my sacred corner, I instantly feel a sense of balance.   

What draws you to Cedar Lifestyle?

The carefully curated essential oil blends in each candle evoke sensory memories from my years of travel, serenading me to places within. I also feel aligned with Cedar’s vision to create beautiful products that take care of our sweet Earth. 

Words to live by?

Strong back, soft front, wild heart.


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