Taiga Essential Oil Blend 15ml
Taiga Essential Oil Blend 15ml
Taiga Essential Oil Blend 15ml

Taiga Essential Oil Blend 15ml

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Juniper + Eucalyptus + Siberian Fir + Vetiver


High in the northern latitudes, an evergreen forest awaits.

The Taiga is the vast sweep of snowy lands covering northern Russia.

A wild expanse of spruce and pine. Glacial, a silent tundra.


Welcome the freshness and purity of the Arctic to your home with an essential oils blend of juniper, eucalyptus, Siberian fir and vetiver.

Can be used with an oil burner or  air diffuser to scent a room or blend with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil for bathing. 

Size - 15ml

Box made from card from sustainably managed forests. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wonderful Taiga.

I am so happy I got Taiga before it sold out. What an all natural, perfect blend of high quality refreshing, foresty, earthy, uplifting and at the same time relaxing essential oils all in one blend.
On busy/stressy and tiring days (which are often) this calms and rejuvenates me simultaneously. I will be a repeat purchasher of this.
And the hand written thank you card with my first order was a lovely touch.

Alan Wainwright
My wife absolutely loves it!

My wife has thyroid issue and any synthetic fragrance will cause her a terrible headache. BUT your essential oil keeps her very happy and she feels so much better with it. Thank you!

Josephine Taylor
Excellent quality and smells amazing

Such a great oil. We use it in an oil burner in our restaurant. The smell is so well balanced and great quality. We’re going to subscribe. X

Barbara Kennedy

Gorgeous blend. Comes on strong and clean with juniper and eucalyptus leading the way, just right for clearing the morning fog, while the vetiver and pine create a warm and incredibly lingering dry down. Delicious and comforting.