Cedar Aroma Diffuser with the lamp function on and the light shining through the ceramic cover. Sulis essential oil blend at the side with some pebbles for decoration
Plain shot of the Cedar Ceramic Air diffuser. Wooden base with a white ceramic cover
Cedar Aroma diffuser lamp with wooden base and ceramic lid. The lamp function is turned off. Sulis 15ml essential oil blend at the side of the diffuser
Cedar Aroma Diffuser Lamp syled on some magazines and a wooden board. The diffuser is turned on with the lamp on. Helios essential oil blend to the left.
Cedar Aroma Diffuser Lamp
Cedar Essential Oil blend collection. 15ml amber frosted bottles with pipette. Selene, Helios and Sulis

Cedar Aroma Diffuser Lamp

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Ambience meets aromatherapy.

Peace and tranquillity for your home.

Cedar ceramic ultrasonic diffuser + Free 15ml essential oil blend + Free delivery. 

Cedar ceramic air diffusers are the perfect way to connect your living space with the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils. Each diffuser is also an air purifier and mood lamp, with a minimalist design that compliments any interior style.

Air diffusers release a fine mist of essential oils that will fill your home with a fragrance of your choice for up to twelve hours. Try pairing yours with Cedar’s bespoke range of essential oil blends. From Selene’s relaxing scent for moonstruck evenings, to Helios’ stirring welcome for the morning sun, a Cedar diffuser is the perfect accompaniment for your daily rituals.

How to use your essential oil diffuser:

  1. Remove the ceramic cover and plastic cap.
  2. Fill the chamber to the maximum level line with room temperature water.
  3. Add between 6-12 drops of Cedar essential oil blends, or essential oils, to the water.
  4. Replace the plastic cap and ceramic cover.
  5. Press the left power button to select a diffuser setting.
  6. Press the right power button to select a light setting.
  7. Relax and enjoy.

For your info:

  •  Your diffuser can be used as an air humidifier and purifier.
  • Choice of 1 15ml essential oil blend or 3 essential oil blend included.

  • The water chamber’s capacity is 280ml.
  • The size is 148mm x 148mm x 125mm.
  • There are four time settings: 1 hour / 3 hours / 8 hours / Always On.
  • It has two mist modes: Continuous / Intermittent.
  • There are three light settings: Off / Bright / Dimmed.
  • The aroma should last up to 12 hours when the diffuser is in Continuous mode.
  • To clean your diffuser, unplug it, empty the water and clear any residue with a kitchen towel or cotton bud.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Best purchase!!

Diffuses the scent so well, my house smells incredible! The light is great too as it has 3 settings to set the brightness required. It’s such a versatile product.
Would make a great Xmas gift!

Simon K S Choong

Very effective
highly recommend

Esther Southern
Ultra sonic diffuser

The light is beautiful it’s just looks like it fits in and enhances the surroundings. The scent makes me feel like I am at a spa. This was a present for my husband and he is loving the scent in his office and it wafts out to the landing I am loving it and so is he. Thanks for your amazing products 🥰🥰🥰

Ruby Hampshire
House smells like a spa.

I absolutely love my diffuser lamp. House smells like a spa. The light is a gorgeous colour, my last one had some gnarley colours but this one is beautiful. Helios oil blend is really something. We use it all the time, husband and kids love it too.

Ellie Thomas
Spa feeling at home

I love my new diffuser lamp, I use it most evenings and sometimes through the day without the light too. I went for Sulis as my oil as I’m loving that spa scent in my home at the moment and the lamp is so perfect to give the scent and the calming feeling. It fills the room, is easy to use and lasts all evening with one lot of water and oils. Highly recommend this product. Another hit from Lizzy and my favourite brand!