Embers essential oil candles in an amber glass jar. Both small and large candles are sat on a bench with a few leaves
Embers - Large Essential Oil Candle - 280g

Embers - Large Essential Oil Candle - 280g

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 Aroma - Woody + Smokey 

An essential oils blend of cedarwood and frankincense , with subtle notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Let the comforting scents of smoke and spice take you back to the times that were.

A dimming afternoon. Your hand in mine, wandering home with warmth in our hearts.

Embers are the smouldering remains of a fire, the remains of a past emotion. They’re the memories of times shared. The feelings we can’t forget.


Candle Details

Each candle has been hand poured using 100% pure essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits. The European grown rapeseed wax blend is a more sustainable alternative to soy wax and still provides a long-lasting burn and great scent throw. Burn time off approximately 55 hours. 

Hand poured in Manchester | Plastic Free | Vegan | Aromatherapy grade essential oils | 100% Natural | Paraffin, Palm and Soy Free | Recyclable Glass | Packaging made from FSC card. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Just amazing!

Such a warm yet refreshing scent, my absolute favourite! ADDICTED

Nick Babrovskie

A delicious aroma, relaxing and comforting , Cedar is a brand that I would never hesitate to recommend

hayley Peoples
The best scent yet!

I have had and loved every Cedar scent, but I absolutely love this one, so comforting and warming- I just bought two more!

Bea Marshall
The only scented candles I buy.

I adore these candles. They burn beautifully and last a long time. Embers is a gorgeous, cosy fragrance - it is a perfect addition to the meal table, snuggling in front of a fire and I love to have it in front of me when I’m journaling.


Truly beautiful, sweet and woody and autumnal 🍂