Large Orange, Clove  + Cinnamon
Large Orange, Clove  + Cinnamon

Large Orange, Clove + Cinnamon

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Let this warming fragrance drift delicately through your home as the nights get colder. Take in nostalgic scents of orange and clove, almond with cinnamon and base notes of comforting vanilla.

Top Notes:Orange, Clove

Middle Notes:Cinnamon, Almond

Base Notes:Vanilla, Malt

(Missing the correct image but it is orange, clove and cinnamon!)

This soy wax candle has a double wick  to ensure a clean even burn time of approximately 55 hours. It comes in a recycled glass jar that is simple and contemporary in design. It comes with a golden oak stained wooden lid which helps keep the dust out and the scent in.

In the interest of saving on packaging, we offer free  Kraft gift boxes as an additional extra.