Essential Oil wax melts - Halcyon wax melts in kraft eco packaging
Essential Oil wax melts - Pack of 14 melts in brown kraft box which is 100% plastic free

Essential Oil Wax Melts

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Enjoy the ritual by placing 1-2 wax melts in the well of your oil or wax burner then light your unscented tea light and allow the aroma to fill your room. They are available in all or Core Collection and Another Place essential oil blends.

Each box contains 14 x 5g wax melts. They are wrapped in 100% biodegradable glassine paper then stored in a recycled kraft box.

Embers - A blend of Frankincense and cedarwood which is combined with  subtle notes of cinnamon and vanilla essential oils.  A memory of smoke and spice to take you back to the places that were.

Selene A calming blend of lavender, bergamot, frankincense and patchouli which has been designed to encourage sleep. 

Torii - Escape inside. A combination of mandarin, patchouli, ho wood and jasmine essential oils to guide you to serene, special places.

Freyja - Connecting with your nature, celebrating yourself with a floral blend of rose, geranium, mandarin, and orange essential oils.

Sulis - A light cleansing blend of eucalyptus, mandarin, peppermint and lavender essential oils. 


Customer Reviews

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Monthly dose of calm, like clockwork!

I absolutely love my monthly delivery of wax melts, I especially love Torri scent. A proper little treat, the scents are deep, rich and last.

Yvonne K
Long-lasting wonderful scents

So far I've tried Freyja and Selene essential oils wax melts and am delighted with both. They have wonderful scents that linger long after the tealight has extinguished. The melts can be re-melted several times and continue to give off a noticeable long-lasting scent, which is very natural and not at all 'synthetic'. I've had many positive comments on the scents from visitors to my home. The melts come in minimal recyclable packaging with a lovely hand-written note from Lizzy. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for high quality wax melts. It's really evident that these are made with love by Lizzy.

Barbara Kennedy
Little cakes of happiness

I've now tried 4 flavours of these deliciously scented wax cakes, and they all smell glorious. I'm impressed by how well they hold and slowly release the scent, and the glass holder is a very pretty thing that is warm and comforting in use. It's a lovely way to enjoy these lovely scents. Melts in Amara soon, please!

Bryony Wong
Yule wax melts

I got the Yule candle last year and couldn't wait to smell it again this year!! I got the wax melts this time and they make the whole place smell Christmassy and delicious :) They are the best! Really recommend

Jeni Smith
Smell lovely

These melts smell so lovely and last really well. The scent stays great even after several days of re-melting. I love them, thank you!