Small Torii candle by Cedar
Torii natural candles in small and large.

Cedar Lifestyle | Torii - Essential Oil Candle - 175g

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Aroma - woody, oriental

Escape inside. A combination of mandarin, patchouli, ho wood and jasmine essential oils to guide you to serene, special places. To the glades and ranges of our eastern lands.

Those quiet, symbolic moments.

Passing from one space to another, when the boundaries of inner life melt away.

A torii is a traditional Japanese gate, often found at the entrance to a Shinto shrine. They represent a transition from the human to the spiritual worlds. To step through a torii is to enter a sacred, secret space.


Candle Details

Each candle has been hand poured using 100% pure essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits. The European grown rapeseed wax blend is a more sustainable alternative to soy wax and still provides a long-lasting burn and great scent throw. Burn time off approximately 45 hours. 

Hand poured in Manchester | Plastic Free | Vegan | Aromatherapy grade essential oils | 100% Natural | Paraffin, Palm and Soy Free | Recyclable Glass | Packaging made from FSC card. 


Customer Reviews

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This sent us an unusual woody scent and is my go to scent from Lizzy.

Favourite from the new collection

Torri has to be my fave candle in the new collection, I got one of each and they look so chic on my mantelpiece, cedar lifestyle has done it again!