Torii - Large
Torii - Large
Torii - Large
Torii - Large

Torii - Large

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Those quiet, symbolic moments.

Passing from one space to another, when the boundaries of inner life melt away.

A torii is a traditional Japanese gate, often found at the entrance to a Shinto shrine. They represent a transition from the human to the spiritual worlds. To step through a torii is to enter a sacred, secret space.

Scent Experience 

Aroma - woody, oriental

Escape inside. A combination of mandarin, patchouli and jasmine essential oils to guide you to serene, special places. To the glades and ranges of our eastern lands.

Candle Details

Each candle has been hand poured using 100% pure essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits.

The European grown rapeseed wax blend is a more sustainable alternative to soy wax and still provides a long lasting burn. 

280g with a burn time off over 55 hours. 

The frosted amber jar creates a beautiful glow when lit and has a wooden lid to keep the dust out when not lit. 


Gift boxes use textured card which is made from trees from sustainably managed forests. There is a pull out card which tells you a little bit more about your candle. 

In the interest of saving on packaging we offer gift boxes as a complimentary extra which is ideal if you are gifting or just wanted to make your treat to yourself extra special. 

Photography - Laura Hutchinson and My Kind Lifestyle

Styling - Laura north and My Kind Lifestyle