Essential Oil wax melts - Halcyon wax melts in kraft eco packaging
Essential Oil wax melts - Pack of 14 melts in brown kraft box which is 100% plastic free

Essential Oil Wax Melts

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Enjoy the ritual by placing 1-2 wax melts in the well of your oil or wax burner then light your unscented tea light and allow the aroma to fill your room. They are available in all or Core Collection and Another Place essential oil blends.

Each box contains 14 x 5g wax melts. They are wrapped in 100% biodegradable glassine paper then stored in a recycled kraft box.

Embers - A blend of Frankincense and cedarwood which is combined with  subtle notes of cinnamon and vanilla essential oils.  A memory of smoke and spice to take you back to the places that were.

Yule - Hurry to open the door and the comfort of home, to the scent of orange, cardamon and cinnamon. Christmas spices to see in the new year, to mark a new beginning. 

Selene - Designed for your evening rituals. A relaxing essential oil blend including lavender, frankincense, bergamot.

Helios - Designed for your morning rituals and to encourage focus. An invigorating essential oil blend including ylang ylang, black pepper and bergamot.

Torii - Escape inside. A combination of mandarin, patchouli, ho wood and jasmine essential oils to guide you to serene, special places.

Freyja - Connecting with your nature, celebrating yourself with a floral blend of rose, geranium, mandarin, and orange essential oils.

Sulis - A light cleansing blend of eucalyptus, mandarin, peppermint and lavender essential oils. 

Halcyon - Peaceful, gentle and calm blend with notes of ylang ylang, lavender and bergamot that will take us to  Another Place, to our past times, wherever they might be. 

Sirocco - A spicy and woody aroma with neroli tones of blossom from the bitter orange trees of southern Italy, cloves and cardamom from the markets of Tangier, and Atlas Cedarwood essential oils.

Sylvan - A blend of essential oils including pine, geranium and citrus. It will take you to the silent glades, to the tranquil outdoor spaces that nobody else knows about




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bryony Wong
Yule wax melts

I got the Yule candle last year and couldn't wait to smell it again this year!! I got the wax melts this time and they make the whole place smell Christmassy and delicious :) They are the best! Really recommend

Jeni Smith
Smell lovely

These melts smell so lovely and last really well. The scent stays great even after several days of re-melting. I love them, thank you!

Sophie Mellor
Helios, Halcyon and Sirocco Wax Melts

I've now tried a selection of different wax melts from Cedar and cannot recommend them enough! I'm working my way through all the scents as they're so lovely. Whenever I've had them lit, they make my flat feel all cosy and homely and it fills the room all night. It's become part of my evening ritual to light one and they smell absolutely divine!

Melanie Watson
Halcyon and Selene

I bought the Halcyon and Selene wax melt recently and I can not recommended them enough. A couple of weeks ago I had put my house up for sale and we had viewing all day. I thought it would be a good idea to have a welcoming scent as they viewers walked in. The wax melts put a lovely scent throughout the house (even though I only lit my burner in the kitchen) and last for the whole day of viewings. Very happy.