Embers Candle
Embers Candle
Embers Candle

Embers Candle

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(noun)1. The smouldering remains of a fire. 2. The fading remains of a past emotion

The Journey

We can’t forget how it felt. The way it was, that meant something to us both. Your hand in mine, coloured leaves springing underfoot. Wood smoke somewhere. A dimming afternoon. Warmth inside and the evening to come, strolling towards a feeling that won’t last.

Every fire leaves a trace. Embers is for the comfort of the past, remembering what burned. The times we'll always share.

The Scent Experience

The latest scent from the Another Place collection is a blend of Frankincense and cedarwood which is combined with  subtle notes of cinnamon and vanilla essential oils.  A memory of smoke and spice to take you back to the places that were.

Aroma - Smokey, woody, cosy. 

Candle Details

Each candle from the Another Place collection has been hand poured into stoneware vessels from Archive, a  Dutch design studio. These durable vessels can be cleaned and repurposed after use. They are packaged in a recycled kraft cardboard box. 

Each candle is made using 100% pure essential oils and European grown rapeseed wax blend. 155ml approximately 35-40 hours burn time.    


photo credits: My Kind Lifestyle